My friends call me Tae


Hi, Hello, Whatsssuuup!

I'm Taela! Most friends call me Tae, or even better, you can say it twice.

I grew up in a small coastal town in the South West of Western Australia, Dunsborough. 

My "dad" jokes are cringe worthy, I really struggle to tell stories that are under the category of funny or good and I'll try any attempt to make you laugh.

I'm an Italian-Kiwi-Aussie.

I love dark chocolate, home-cooked meals, red wine, surfing, anything art and yoga related.

My friends and family are the most incredible and admirable humans in my life.

I travel more than I stay still and I am constantly in search of crazy, sun-seeking hooligans like myself, who share the same passions that I do. 

"Taelamade" is a play on words because I couldn't define myself with my love of one thing. "Made" because something you've seen in my house I've probably made, attempted to try or have future plans to make it... 

I have an obsession with trying everything and experiencing all.

Basically my love of photography began back in Canada when I wanted to paint and draw the pictures I took. So I bought a pretty standard, entry level camera and started to take photos. 

Turns out I love the art of photography so much that it soon became one of my main obsessions. 

Fast forward a few years and it's slowly shaping into my dream career. 


The ones I capture...

The humans who love to be free, dance naked and laugh till they cry.

The ones who love those small, intimate moments.

The ones who are untraditional.

The ones where their fur babies and children steal the show on their wedding day.

Who want to empower themselves and the others around them. 

I am in-love with love.

Whether that be with a partner, child (or child to be),  friends and family or with oneself.


Let me capture those moments for you.